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Rf coaxial cable test is used in the vector network analyzer, scalar network analyzer, oscilloscope, integrated network analyzer rf test equipment such as port connected, used for the transmission of electromagnetic energy feedback and reflection characteristics, measured components to measure rf performance. It is mainly used for the development and testing of rf antennas, amplifiers, cables, power splitters, couplers, circulators and other rf devices and modules.
Market overview of test cable.


    1. Foreign industry situation:

     High-grade test the research and development, the production of the cable is mainly dominated by several well-known manufacturers, such as Gore, S + H, Rosenboger, Times, and Storm about 10, they are in high-grade to test the market share of 80% or more of the cable, the manufacturer has the independent research and development team, the pursuit to pounce, technical indicators in the stability of steady phase pattern, low VSWR, low IL evolve, some enterprises with world famous dupont materials company joint development of special cable material. Develop and possess complete series of products such as low loss series, super soft series, DC-40G, DC-18G, etc., covering various application fields.

     2. Domestic industry status:

     Has found no domestic series test cable manufacturers, most of the domestic test cable mainly covers the low-end market, DC - 3G, DC - 6G, the price is in 100 yuan, made the price even use normal communication cable in about 20 yuan. These cables do not guarantee stability and consistency at all. Can produce more DC - 18G test cable for the use of imported cable components processing factory instead of cable manufacturers, supporting their own design or outsourcing the connector assembly, core parts will have to rely on foreign brands.

     3. Market capacity:

     With the large-scale development of 4G mobile communication, broadband metropolitan area network and wireless LAN, various rf devices are widely used in wireless communication system. From 2010 to 2017, the design and production of China's rf devices is also the best stage for high-precision testing of cable and the establishment and rise of the brand.

     On the test cable medium and high-end market situation, my company to several end users, distributors, such as research, investigation and analysis of the test cable main sales regions, the regional characteristics of the needs of customers, customer number concentration, customer demand, and to test the cable price to bear ability, etc.

    Juncoax—Main test cable series:

    VNAtest— —DC-67G Special test cable for vector network analyzer.

    Phasetest— —DC-67G Precision stable phase test cable.

   SuperFlexibletest— —DC-40GHz Super soft test cable.

    Goldenline— —DC-26.5G Ultra-stable phase test cable.

    Qucikline— —DC-6G Economical fast test cable.