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background information:

    RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, that is, Radio Frequency Identification, in fact, the application and development of AEI, Automatic Equipment Identification in Radio technology. The basic idea of this technology is to recognize the target object automatically and obtain the relevant data by using the radio frequency signal, and the identification work is not required to be manual intervention, but can work in all kinds of hostile environments. RFID technology can recognize high speed moving objects and can recognize multiple tags simultaneously.

RFID basic conception:

    RFID Tag, RFID antenna and reader, and corresponding software/middleware products. RFID tags: include all smart CARDS, soft labels and other identifiers that use RFID technology. RFID antenna: transmit receive signal, also have the characteristic of electric and magnetism, be called wave of electromagnetic wave. Reader: a dedicated device for identifying RFID tags, excluding a computer and other processing systems associated with it. RFID software/middleware: software and middleware products that guarantee the normal operation of the RFID system and realize the functions of RFID products.

     125KHz/133 KHz: applied to animal management and access control.

     13.56MHz: certificate security, electronic payment.

     860-960mhz: charging parking, shopping shopping mall, logistics warehouse.

     2.4GHz/5.8GHz: vehicle ETC.