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SF-NF-F4-P102--4-Hole Flange Adapter
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SF-NF-F4-P102--4-Hole Flange Adapter

SF-NF-F4-P102--4-Hole Flange Adapter

Product Features:

1.High Working Frequency

2.Long Test Life

3.4 Hole Flange Installation
4.Standing Wave And Low Loss

After years of research and development optimization, the material is now made of stainless steel, which is more durable. Its performance has been optimized for many years and has been continuously improved. It can now achieve standing wave ≤1.3@DC-18Ghz.

It is commonly used to achieve flange connection on the panel. When there is a cable inside the chassis or module and the cable is connected externally, it is suitable to use this adapter to realize the flange connection through the wall.

This product is now widely used, In order to meet the needs of a large number of customer suppliers, The current inventory of 10000PCS, all stainless steel material, the lowest price market. Welcome to snap up.

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